Driftwood Mirror

by homebeautifulca

I’ve taken a break from my furniture projects this past week as other things have been keeping me busy. I did pick up a very large and ornate, beautiful old buffet last weekend though that I am excited about doing. The weather, however, has been getting colder and we’ve seen snow more than once in the past few days. And we’ve had rain, and rain, and more rain.  And this is problematic for me. Until now, I’ve been sanding furniture outdoors. The DeWalt orbital sander we have has a dust attachment but doesn’t collect nearly enough of the dust for me to want to sand indoors. I’m not sure what I’ll do as the weather gets colder and winter sets in.

One idea I have had is to focus on smaller projects, décor items and save the big stuff for warm weather. I have a pile of driftwood I collected from the beach this summer and think I will do something with that. I originally collected it to make a mirror for the living room.

Pieces like these (which I found on Pinterest) were my inspiration:

My Inspiration My Inspiration My Inspiration

For my own mirror I used a scrap piece of wood, cut into a circle, a cheap dollar store mirror, lots of hot glue (I had the burns to show for it), the driftwood and some small pebbles. All in all, it was a relatively easy project but more time consuming than I had imagined. The hot glue has held up well over the past few months. I only had a couple of loose pebbles I needed to re-glue initially from trying to hang it on the wall. The mirror is 3 feet by 3 feet and has so many thin driftwood branches sticking out it was difficult to see the back. Instead of nails or screws we used 3M Command Strips to hang it. They worked great! I will definitely be using more of them in the future. They don’t damage your wall and are re-useable. Plus, you can adjust your positioning if you didn’t have it right the first time.

And here is the final product:
My Driftwood Mirror

So, getting back to all that driftwood I have sitting around. I’ve been thinking about driftwood Christmas trees. That might be something fun to do with the kids. Good grief, am I thinking about Christmas already??