Shabby Chic French Cabinet

by homebeautifulca

Shabby Chic French Cabinet

FOR SALE! Great conversation starter! Refinished shabby chic, French style two door cabinet with scrolled feet. Beautiful, original painted brass hardware has been left on. Very unique in appearance. Definitely one of a kind!

This lovely piece came painted white and very lightly distressed. It was one of the worst paint jobs I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised how many people never go that extra mile when they paint… taping off places they don’t want paint to touch, finishing undersides and edges, finishing insides… instead leaving behind wispy brush stroked edges everywhere. This cabinet, I am convinced, had been painted with some kind of super paint that did not sand off easily. In total I spent three hours with a power sander, sanding it down. My arms were sore later that night. But it was well worth it, I love the results!

After distressing I applied a wash of gray paint, then rubbed and buffed with dark wax. I enjoyed refinishing this cabinet so much. It was such a relief to have a project turn out the ay I had envisioned, and easily. Especially after the last project, which remains unfinished still. I like this piece so much I’m almost tempted to keep it!