Best Laid Plans

by homebeautifulca

This is how it originally looked.

This is how it originally looked.

I’ve been working on the matching dresser to the green one in my previous post. It’s a great piece of furniture and I had big plans for it. My original idea was to paper the drawer fronts with a poster sized picture, but I couldn’t find anything I liked that fit. Move on to plan two.

Using the same idea I chose to use wallpaper the drawers instead and I picked out a pretty damask patterned wallpaper to use. I sanded, painted, etc. and had everything ready to go. I took the wallpaper out and it was the wrong size. It wouldn’t fit without seams. Onto plan three.

I then decided to paint the drawer faces. I wanted something bright,something daring, something different than what I’d been using already, and something I hadn’t seen being sold by others who are refinishing in my area. While cruising Pinterest I saw a dresser painted in a lovely red color which I thought I would duplicate. It looked great in the store, great on the paint chip, buuuut… not so great on this dresser, especially against the black. I hated it. I more than hated it and couldn’t picture anybody liking it save a teenage boy or someone who really likes the goth look. And there just aren’t that many goths around here. I painted the drawer pulls black and put them on, hoping they would improve the look. But the paint dried with an odd texture. I have no idea why. And they didn’t pretty it up any. Now I had an ugly dresser with messed up handles that I would have to strip and paint again.

The thought of redoing the dresser didn’t appeal to me. I’d already put a fair bit of time into it. I didn’t want to start from scratch again. I thought, why not distress it? The drawers had already been painted black underneath. I got to work with the sandpaper. Not far into the process I knew that this wasn’t going to make it any better but I finished anyway. Somehow I had managed to make the dresser look worse than before, worse than the original. Now when I took a step back, the black and red combination reminded me of the Darth Maul character from Star Wars. I started referring to it as the Darth Maul Dresser.

Transformation to the Darth Maul Dresser.

Transformation to the Darth Maul Dresser.

See what I mean?

I started to think I should just put the darn thing out on the curb with the trash. Better yet, set it on fire and roast marshmallows over it. It was tempting. My husband, the voice of reason, wouldn’t let me. He sanded down the drawers again. I waited a week. I filled in the holes for the original drawer pulls. I found prettier ones. Yesterday I painted the drawers again, a glossy black. Realizing the original damask wallpaper will fit the side panels I’ve decided to do those instead. I think this time it might just work! *crosses fingers*  I’ll keep you posted.

To be continued…