Modern Rustic Tray

by homebeautifulca

FOR SALE!  Distressed wooden tray.

FOR SALE! Distressed wooden tray.

This serving tray was an experiment in aging wood.  I found it at my local thrift shop but it was the kind of thing you would find, unfinished at a craft store like Michaels. It hadn’t been turned into anything yet.

I started by distressing it, scraping, gouging, banging, even burning it.  My twelve year old had lots of fun helping with this step.  Next I applied several washes of paint, a couple of orange stripes, and finally a coat of stain.

I learned a couple of things from this piece.  First, that I never want to use oil based stains again.  The odor was just awful and lingered for quite a while… days!  Second, that smaller decor pieces are perfect for trying new ideas and finishes on.  If I hadn’t been pleased with the result it would have been far less work to redo than if it had been something much larger, like a dresser.  So I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more wooden items to experiment with.