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Month: September, 2013

Refinished for Beautiful Kitchen Storage

Before & After

Before & After

We colour matched this dresser to an existing kitchen as it is to be used for extra storage space. Three layers of paint were removed from the top to reveal the beautiful wood grain underneath. To give it an aged look, the top was distressed and darkened using our own 100% natural aging solution. No wood stains or chemical dyes were used.


Shabby Chic French Cabinet

Shabby Chic French Cabinet

FOR SALE! Great conversation starter! Refinished shabby chic, French style two door cabinet with scrolled feet. Beautiful, original painted brass hardware has been left on. Very unique in appearance. Definitely one of a kind!

This lovely piece came painted white and very lightly distressed. It was one of the worst paint jobs I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised how many people never go that extra mile when they paint… taping off places they don’t want paint to touch, finishing undersides and edges, finishing insides… instead leaving behind wispy brush stroked edges everywhere. This cabinet, I am convinced, had been painted with some kind of super paint that did not sand off easily. In total I spent three hours with a power sander, sanding it down. My arms were sore later that night. But it was well worth it, I love the results!

After distressing I applied a wash of gray paint, then rubbed and buffed with dark wax. I enjoyed refinishing this cabinet so much. It was such a relief to have a project turn out the ay I had envisioned, and easily. Especially after the last project, which remains unfinished still. I like this piece so much I’m almost tempted to keep it!

Best Laid Plans

This is how it originally looked.

This is how it originally looked.

I’ve been working on the matching dresser to the green one in my previous post. It’s a great piece of furniture and I had big plans for it. My original idea was to paper the drawer fronts with a poster sized picture, but I couldn’t find anything I liked that fit. Move on to plan two.

Using the same idea I chose to use wallpaper the drawers instead and I picked out a pretty damask patterned wallpaper to use. I sanded, painted, etc. and had everything ready to go. I took the wallpaper out and it was the wrong size. It wouldn’t fit without seams. Onto plan three.

I then decided to paint the drawer faces. I wanted something bright,something daring, something different than what I’d been using already, and something I hadn’t seen being sold by others who are refinishing in my area. While cruising Pinterest I saw a dresser painted in a lovely red color which I thought I would duplicate. It looked great in the store, great on the paint chip, buuuut… not so great on this dresser, especially against the black. I hated it. I more than hated it and couldn’t picture anybody liking it save a teenage boy or someone who really likes the goth look. And there just aren’t that many goths around here. I painted the drawer pulls black and put them on, hoping they would improve the look. But the paint dried with an odd texture. I have no idea why. And they didn’t pretty it up any. Now I had an ugly dresser with messed up handles that I would have to strip and paint again.

The thought of redoing the dresser didn’t appeal to me. I’d already put a fair bit of time into it. I didn’t want to start from scratch again. I thought, why not distress it? The drawers had already been painted black underneath. I got to work with the sandpaper. Not far into the process I knew that this wasn’t going to make it any better but I finished anyway. Somehow I had managed to make the dresser look worse than before, worse than the original. Now when I took a step back, the black and red combination reminded me of the Darth Maul character from Star Wars. I started referring to it as the Darth Maul Dresser.

Transformation to the Darth Maul Dresser.

Transformation to the Darth Maul Dresser.

See what I mean?

I started to think I should just put the darn thing out on the curb with the trash. Better yet, set it on fire and roast marshmallows over it. It was tempting. My husband, the voice of reason, wouldn’t let me. He sanded down the drawers again. I waited a week. I filled in the holes for the original drawer pulls. I found prettier ones. Yesterday I painted the drawers again, a glossy black. Realizing the original damask wallpaper will fit the side panels I’ve decided to do those instead. I think this time it might just work! *crosses fingers*  I’ll keep you posted.

To be continued…

Vintage Waterfall Dresser



Lovely three drawer painted wooden dresser with damask and floral embossing.  Raised areas and drawers have been painted in a paler shade of green.  The outside has been aged and waxed to a beautiful finish.  A very solid and sturdy piece with some smaller imperfections due to age.


My First Sale & Etsy Shops


I’m very excited to announce that I sold my first piece of furniture! The little blue table has a new home. It feels a little more like a real business now, than just an idea.

I’ve been thinking about opening up an etsy shop. Though there doesn’t seem to be many people selling furniture on that site. Also I find the idea of constantly shipping large pieces of furniture intimidating but Matthew has a lot of experience with that sort of thing. If anyone out there has any experience using Etsy, I’d love to hear about it.

Little Lime Green Table

FOR SALE!  Pale green table with drawer, black floral design and distressing.

FOR SALE! Pale green table with drawer, black floral design and distressing.

This little square end table is sure to brighten any room. It has been finished in a fun shade of pale, lime green with black floral accents and hardware and has been lightly distressed. It has one drawer painted in matching black. It could be used in a bedroom, living room or even a bathroom.

A New Coat of Paint

FOR SALE!  17 inch tall glossy white ceramic rooster and rustic 4X6 picture frame with original photo.

FOR SALE! 17 inch tall glossy white ceramic rooster and rustic 4X6 picture frame with original photo.

Modern Rustic Tray

FOR SALE!  Distressed wooden tray.

FOR SALE! Distressed wooden tray.

This serving tray was an experiment in aging wood.  I found it at my local thrift shop but it was the kind of thing you would find, unfinished at a craft store like Michaels. It hadn’t been turned into anything yet.

I started by distressing it, scraping, gouging, banging, even burning it.  My twelve year old had lots of fun helping with this step.  Next I applied several washes of paint, a couple of orange stripes, and finally a coat of stain.

I learned a couple of things from this piece.  First, that I never want to use oil based stains again.  The odor was just awful and lingered for quite a while… days!  Second, that smaller decor pieces are perfect for trying new ideas and finishes on.  If I hadn’t been pleased with the result it would have been far less work to redo than if it had been something much larger, like a dresser.  So I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more wooden items to experiment with.

Painted Piano Bench

FOR SALE!  Refinished and distressed piano bench. Bird & floral details both inside and outside.  The black has lovely warm hues.

FOR SALE! Refinished and distressed piano bench. Bird & floral details both inside and outside. The black has lovely warm hues.

My second project. This one was a lot more work than the first. The bench had doubled as a work bench in someone’s garage and hadn’t been treated well. There were saw marks to prove it. My wonderful husband had fun dusting off the power tools to remove the original veneer and finish. We left some of the smaller flaws in for character since I was going to distress it anyway.

This was also my first attempt at stencilling, which didn’t turn out perfect but with the distressing and aging, didn’t seem to matter in the end. I really had my doubts about this piece in the beginning, but am so pleased with the result!

Little Blue Table – My First Ever Refinished Piece

My first ever refinished piece!

FOR SALE! Refinished vintage piece with Queen Ann legs, and original hardware painted glossy black (no drawer, just for show).

I’ve been spending waaay too much time on Pinterest lately, oohing and ahhing over the boundless creativity, and wondering, why don’t I do that? Well, I finally did. And here it is folks… the little blue table!

For the past year or so my husband and I have been trying to come up with a home based business idea that I can get going while he continues to do the 9-5, or in his case the 8-6 plus commute. It needs to be something I can do while still taking care of an infant and homeschooling two older children. Refinishing furniture is what we’ve decided to try. This is my first attempt.